Armoured Cars (Pt. 1 of 3)

Tanks weren't the only form of mobile armour that was employed around the time of WWI. Tanks represented the pinnacle of this new field of mobile armoured warfare but their was also the employment of other forms of armoured vehicles used during this time, they included armoured trains and cars. These armoured vehicles were used … Continue reading Armoured Cars (Pt. 1 of 3)

Tanks in Russia

Like most successful things they are often imitated, when other see that success they look to duplicate it, the use of tanks were no exception. Upon seeing the success the British had in 1916 the Russians wanted in. The arrangements were made by their technical group in London, going so far as to prepay for … Continue reading Tanks in Russia


In April of 1917 in France the battle of Arras took place, the tanks that were dispatched top the battle were MkII and they were dispatched in a hurry and as with most things that are dispatched with in a hurry they weren't all to spec. To begin with they didn't have armour which made … Continue reading Arras

The Other Marks

The Mark I (Mk I) was not the only version made, subsequent versions were made, the Mark II and Mark III (Mk II and Mk III), on account of the demand for it. Some were meant for training and as such were not made to full combat specification, which meant no armour and being assembled … Continue reading The Other Marks

Other Uses of the Tank

Even though the tank was a new invention and addition to the battle field, it didn't mean that it was confined to the designed and designated role it as meant to play. The moment it hit the field the process of innovation and adaptation continued and produced the some variants that were tailor to the … Continue reading Other Uses of the Tank

Tanks in Gaza

World War I was not confined to Europe, there was a middle eastern theatre of operations as such tanks were sent there as well. Proven or not, any new technology is embraced by the battlefield if it has even the promise of turning the tides of battle. Tanks were just that technology and there was … Continue reading Tanks in Gaza

Materiel in the Machine

These tanks existed in a time where they had to be self-sufficient, this being an untested piece of technology meant that supply lines and logistics may not have been able to keep up with it, as such they carried what they needed the most. The main thing carried was obviously, ammunition for the guns, which … Continue reading Materiel in the Machine

The Men in the Machine

This new-fangled machine was nothing short of a death trap, an iron coffin for its crew. It took up to 4 men to crank start the engine, and once it was started the noise was so loud it was impossible to hear anything. This certainly hindered crew communication, even when shouting. The noise began as … Continue reading The Men in the Machine

Making the Mk (Pt. 2 of 2)

While the increased production demand was a problem it created another one, in that they needed greater quantities of armament of which they didn't have. This meant that the tanks produced didn't all have the same loadout, which led to these early tanks having a unique designation with some being called male and others female. … Continue reading Making the Mk (Pt. 2 of 2)

Making the Mk (Pt. 1 of 2)

A good deal of effort went into the construction of this tank, many years of research into the armour and adapting existing technologies went into making it. For the most part the research into armour had already been undertaken by the Royal Naval Air Service for use in armoured cars. Still this would not be … Continue reading Making the Mk (Pt. 1 of 2)